Premium Service

With Premium Service your data will be saved to the cloud. This brings several advantages:

  • Your data is safe! You do not need a infrastructure of your own and you do not have to worry about backups. Thats all done for you by Premium Service.
  • You can access your data with many different devices. Besides Android and iOS Smartphones and tablets we have client software for PCs and Mac.
  • With Premium Service Multiuser you can add as many user as you like, all with individual access rights.
  • Additional functionality: book revenues and organize horse stalls. PDF creating and printing (PC and Mac only)
  • Offline? Dead zone? Don’t worry, Horse Diary works offline and syncs when connected again.

New Design

We just released Horse Diary App with a brand new design. As usual first on Google Android platform, the iOS Version will follow in a few days.

This new design is oriented on the actual design criteria for Android and iOS Apps, to help you better understand the app and use its diverse features. The apps functionality has not changed with this release.

Lost Password

If you forgot your password, please click the “Lost Password” link on the login panel and provide the email address you used when you registered your account. If you forgot the email address you used, than please contact us at and give some proof, who you are, where you subscribed to Premium Service and what your email address could look like. Maybe, you just misspelled it and we can help.

Backup and Restore

To prevent you from data loss, we have added a Backup – Restore add-on for Horse Diary. Now you can create a copy of your database and store this on an external device. In case of theft or damage it is pretty easy to restore the data to a new Horse Diary installation.

Premium Service users do not need this add-on.

As for now (10/10/14) the Android version is available, iOS will follow soon.